4 Tips for Building Your Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your backyard can be an easy way to make the space more welcoming and enjoyable. You can enjoy summer evenings roasting marshmallows or enjoy fireside conversations when the weather gets cooler.

There are a variety of design options available for all backyards, from simpler rustic designs evoking camping out in the old west to in-ground pits that require some backyard renovation. Whatever type you choose, here are a few tips to ensure your project goes smoothly:

1. Decide on Shape and Style

Before you even think about materials or tools, you need to pick a shape and a style. The two most common fire pit designs are circular or square, and both come with pros and cons.

Square fire pits can be easier to envision in your backyard if you have fences or a deck and can be easy to measure out. They also lend themselves to more structured outdoor seating like benches or built-in chairs. The downside to the square design is that it can be limited to the number of people that can sit around it, nobody likes to be stuck in the corner!

Circular or round fire pits tend to have a more open feel to them and can fit more people. The circular design means it might be easier to fit in an awkwardly shaped backyard. The downside to a circular fire pit is that it will require a little more planning to assemble.

2. Think Beyond the Pit

An important thing to remember about your fire pit is that, as it is outdoor, it is susceptible to the elements. So while you may have put the walls at an appropriate height, a gust of wind could come along and change everything. For the immediate surroundings of your fire pit, it is suggested that you build with non-flammable materials. That could mean placing the fire pit as the centerpiece of an outdoor deck area that’s been paved over, but more commonly it means removing some of the grass and soil around the pit and filling it with river rocks or more gravel. Keep this extra distance in mind when planning the location of your fire pit.

If you’re looking to go the gravel option, Atlantic Mulch offers pea gravel. You can even create stunning and easy to maintain walkways leading up to your fire pit with our gravel!

It’s also important to keep in mind the surrounding landscape and distance from your house. You don’t want trees or bushes too close or to have anything hanging over the pit that could catch fire. There may also be local restrictions as to where you can build in your backyard, so be sure to check local rules before beginning construction.

3. Make a Material Choice

Once you’ve decided on the design and location of your fire pit, you need to decide on the materials. For the main part of the structure, you’ll require stone and a construction adhesive. For these wall blocks, there are a variety of different styles and materials available, like flagstone or tile. Most cut stones will be suitable, but if you have concerns, the team of experts at Atlantic Mulch can help point you in the right direction. You’ll also need to establish a base upon which to construct your pit. Gravel is a common filler, just rake it out over your cleared area and then compact it.

Another key component of many fire pits is a metal fire ring. These can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes and go inside of the stone exterior, adding another layer of fire resistance and extending the longevity of your fire pit. Once you’ve assembled the outer wall, you may want to add a capstone to the top for a more aesthetically pleasing exterior.

4. Include Any Add-Ons

Once you’ve installed your new fire pit, you may want to add on materials or features for additional functionality. There are a variety of grates available to fit any size or shape if you want to be adventurous and try cooking outdoors for example. These grates go right on top of the pit and allow for easy grilling. There are also grates you can put in the fire pit to prop wood logs on. These grates come in many different shapes and help keep a steady flow of oxygen to your logs so the fire lasts longer. These are easy to remove for cleaning and are usually made of heavy steel to last a long time.

Atlantic Mulch Has All of Your Fire Pit Needs and More

A backyard fire pit is a great DIY project with a ton of flexibility. If you aren’t interested in making all of the choices yourself, there are different kits available to purchase that come with everything you need to get your home fire pit set up. These kits and all of the tools and materials you need are available at Atlantic Mulch, along with an expert staff ready to point you in the right direction. We offer both wood-burning fire pits and gas fire pits from Firegear so you can decide what the best option for your home is.

Don’t want to order online and need a little more assistance with your project? Give us a call today at 919-859-5503 and talk to one of our experts today.