Create a custom outdoor space to enjoy all year round

This year has no doubt been atypical as many of us have been forced to work from home, do remote schooling and spend more time at home overall. As we’ve all been bunkered down at home, spending time outdoors has never been more important as people have turned to outdoor living as a getaway.

A patio, porch, or garden is a great way to get outdoors right from the comfort of your home and can even be an extension of your home’s living space. Create a custom outdoor living space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, eat dinner al fresco in the evening, and eventually entertain guests when the time is right.

As the North Carolina summer heat cools down and transitions into perfect fall weather, there’s never been a better time to create a custom outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy, not just this coming season, but all year round.

Interested in creating a “pandemic patio”, an outdoor gathering place, or sprucing up the space you already have? Below are some tips for creating your own oasis.

Choose your type of outdoor living space

Your options for outdoor living will be dependent on where you live and the amount of available space you have. Do you live in a townhome with a small grassy area out back? Perhaps you live in a large home on an acre of land. Assess your space and then decide if you want to build a garden, create a concrete or paved stone patio, or even a covered porch. This will help you select the right materials for your project.

Select the right materials

There are dozens of ways to create an outdoor space or design a patio. From pavers to stone and gravel to mulch, there is much to consider and many materials to choose from.

It all starts with a vision. Knowing if you prefer a paved patio versus a concrete patio will help you select pavers or concrete for instance. If choosing to design a paved patio, you’ll have to decide what kind of design you’d like to create, what color the pavers will be, and other creative elements.

If you’re creating a garden, for instance, selecting the right mulch, soil, or sand will be key for helping your plants grow and keeping excess moisture at bay. Additionally, you may want to add some decorative gravel or create a wall system depending on the needs of your yard and the aesthetic you are aiming for.

Atlantic Mulch has dozens of options and can help you select the right materials for your project.

Add finishing touches

Adding final touches such as plants, a grill, outdoor lighting, edging, or even a fire pit can really make your outdoor living space feel like a cozy outdoor living room. Just as you might add some framed photos or throw pillows to a room indoors, these finishing touches can serve as the “decor” for the outdoors that will provide convenience and comfort, while being able to withstand the elements.

Contact Atlantic Mulch for all of your outdoor living space needs

Creating an inviting outdoor living space is a great way to maximize the use of your property, enjoy nature, and create additional beauty for your home. Atlantic Mulch has the expertise, materials, and tools to help you create the patio, porch, fire pit, and more of your dreams. You can order materials online or come into the store. Have questions or need assistance with your project? Give us a call at 919-859-5503 and talk to one of our experts today.