Bulk Delivery Services

Bulk delivery services

Atlantic Mulch is changing the way landscape supplies are delivered

Topsoil Tandem dump

peterbilt dump truck

With a fleet of vehicles, from dump truck to flat-bed with forklift, Atlantic Mulch has what it takes to handle bulk deliveries. Our professional drivers and experienced logistics team ensure prompt, reliable and accurate delivery to wherever you need in the greater Raleigh area (Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, and the Triangle).

We’re flexible and always strive to deliver materials exactly where they’re needed within site accessibility and safety constraints — we won’t risk anyone’s safety or cause damage.

What if you only want 2–3 cubic yards of material? What if your project requires an assortment of materials? Many bulk delivery services won’t touch anything under 5 cubic yards. What’s the answer?

Introducing Super Sacks…

super sack

mulch in a bulk sack

Real world landscaping projects often require several types of materials. Many in lower volumes. Mulch especially… many of our customers require 2–3 cubic yards of mulch. How could we make delivery more flexible and easier for folks?

The answer came, as inspiration often does, over a bowl of Wheaties one night in a Holiday Inn Express…

The Super Sack. This containment bag holds 1 cubic yard or 1 ton and means:

  • No untidy loose piles blocking driveways/ traffic
  • Material is protected from the weather
  • Cheaper than buying multiple 2 cubic foot bag mulch
  • Easier placement to get material where you need it
  • No contamination when delivering multiple materials

Super Sacks mean Atlantic Mulch can deliver multiple/ lower-volume materials. and, with reasonably-accessible sites, we can eliminate tedious wheel-barrowing, by getting material closer to where it’s needed.

Super Sacks are ideal for mulch, soil, aggregates,  and decorative gravel.  Please call for your Super Sack order (919) 859-5503.  Allow 24 hours for processing and completion before pickup or delivery.