Polylok 48″ Trench Drain

Grates are ADA compliant
Grates are reversible from a flat side to a 3/16″ convex side
Trench drain & grate come in 48″ (4 feet) sections that can be cut down to 12″, 24″ & 36″
Lock tab feature for proper alignment and stability
Two #8 screws are used to interlock ends together
All outlet ports accept 3″ SCHD 40 pipe, 4″ SDR 35 pipe & 4″ SCHD 40 pipe
Optional open end caps are available and will accept various size pipe
Optional closed end caps are also available
Both end caps will fit either end of the trench drain
Outside holes accept #4 rebar for fast positioning
2×4’s can be easily fastened to the base to provide a wider footing

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product code: ads011



Our Channel and Trench Drain system is engineered to deliver the most flexibility in a heavy duty design. The Polylok Heavy Duty Trench Drain is H-20 wheel load rated when cast in reinforced concrete (as per Polylok Trench Drain H-20 Instruction Diagram). It offers a modular design with interlocking components to enable quick and easy connections. Each segment is 4’ in length and comes with a reversible ADA compliant grate that can either be flat or allow for a 3/16” convex surface.

Use for sidewalk, driveway, and patios to collect and disperse excess water