Borealis Collection
30″ x 5″


  • 2 3/4″ x 5″ x 30″

sq. ft  per pallet – 70.83

pieces per pallet – 68

layers – 4

pallet weight – 1936 lb.

Sold quantities by  pallet  and layer

Priced Per Square Foot





The indoor warmth and rich look of hardwood flooring is now available outdoors. The modular 5” and 10” wide slabs are being called the trompe-l’oeil by industry professionals; it will have you guessing whether it’s hardwood or concrete. Borealis looks and feels like wood planks, is offered in three alluring colours and is great for adding drama through creative bandings and designs. Whether it’s your poolside, deck, or patio, Borealis brings the appealing esthetics of wood to your backyard.

Borealis Specs

techo warranty

slab installation guide