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Black Colored Designer Mulch

From: $34.00

This product is made from virgin wood with an EPA approved dye colorant. The virgin wood and  allows for deeper penetration of the dye into the pores the natural binding of the bark helps to hold the product in place.  Larger grind gives a consistent double shredded look and slower deterioration.


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Erosion Control Rating




Nutritional Value


Color Longevity

18 – 24 months


Color Disclaimer
The manufacturer of this product suggests a 3-4 hour drying time in the sun before the colorant is completely colorfast in these materials. Application of these products in the rain or just before a rain shower will void any guarantees applied to this material.If you have any questions concerning your Designer Mulch, feel free to contact us at 919-859-5503. Once again, thank you for your business.