Natural Stone

Atlantic Mulch is proud to carry a wide range of natural Stone products to enhance any project you want to tackle. We source stone from several regions of the U.S. with our most popular products coming from east of the Mississippi River. We sell to landscape professionals, contractors, builders, and municipalities. If you are looking to build a patio, walkway or retaining wall, we can handle your material needs.


North Carolina flagstone and veneers are the most popular among landscape professionals. Not only are they economical but veneer stones make a beautiful stack stone wall for foundation beds and tree rings. Stop by and check out our wide range of colors!!


Flagstone are thin slabs of stone used for paving patios, walks, driveways, etc.  It is an excellent choice for because of its durability and maintenance-free characteristics. For a closer look come by the shop!

Our Pennsylvania Bluestone is harvested from the northeast corner of the “Keystone” state which is famous for it’s high quality stone with strength, texture and color.

We supply fieldstone such as our Smokey Mtn. (TN) line, and Antique Stepper (PA) products add the rustic, old English look to any project.

Boulders and Steppers

Looking to build a rock garden? Our incredible boulders are quarried from the mountains of Virginia, ready for your installation. Take a look!

Dimensional Stone and Treads

Want a cobblestone look?

Try the Belgian Block for driveways, border edging, or accents.

The quarries we have partnered with are leaders in their region for quality and customer service. They take pride in the quality of their product but also use care in protecting the environment by using environmentally friendly techniques.