Xtreme Edge


  • High Performance polymers for added strength
  • Reinforced with 3D micro-fiber mesh
  • Formulated for better workability
  • Continuous lateral support matrix
  • Freeze and thaw resistant


  • Traditional, open graded and permeable applications
  • Overlay and Gator Base applications
  • Pedestrian and vehicular use
  • Concrete pavers, slabs, Natural and Wet cast stone applications

XTreme Edge VS Mixed Concrete

  • 2X Stronger
  • 2X Faster setting time
  • More flexible
  • Easier and faster to install


    • Store outdoors under a covered area, protected from rain and snow or store indoors in a well-ventilated area at temperatures ranging from -40 to 104°F (-40 to 40°C). Skid of XTreme Edge can be double stacked for storage, but not in transport.




Gator XTreme Edge is the ultimate fiber-reinforced and polymer modified structural edge, which creates a strong and economical edging solution for any hardscape project. Gator XTreme Edge can be used on any traditional, permeable, Gator Base, or overlay application using concrete pavers and slabs or natural and wet cast stones. Gator XTreme Edge offers permanent continuous lateral support.