Playground Services

Atlantic Playground Services

We are the standard of care

Specializing in playground safety, Atlantic Playground Services is a division of Atlantic Mulch. We provide playground services to school systems, child-care facilities, HOAs, property management companies, churches, homeowners and more…

Keep children safe

Let us take the worry off your shoulders. Our comprehensive package of safety inspections , and our IPEMA Certified playground wood fiber ensures the highest level of safety

Better budgeting and cash flow

A monthly fixed cost makes it easier for you to manage your budget and cash flow while eliminating unforeseen costs.

Unobtrusive and quick

Our technology and skilled people mean our mulching operation is quick, efficient, and clean. That means minimum disruption to your facility and we strive to work outside opening times.

Total playground service package

Our full range of services help ensure well-maintained and safe playgrounds for children:

  • Safety inspections
  • Wood Fiber Surfacing maintenance

For more information or to get a quote call John  at (919) 320-4467 or contact us electronically.